Too much technology

At a family party last weekend, I looked around and noticed something. From my young cousins to some older relatives, a lot of them were on their phones. Can people still get together and enjoy each other’s company without pulling out their cellphones?

I admit that I’m guilty of it, too. An uncomfortable situation becomes so much more comfortable when you have something to look at. Half the time, I would just pull out my phone and literally do nothing. I hate that I do this. I should make conversation with the people around more or take a look at my surroundings. That’s what they did way back when.

What was really surprising to me at the aforementioned party was that the young kids were standing outside, beside each other, staring down at their phones. I remember when I was their age. I was probably outside running around or talking to the adults inside.

Will it continue like this? Will kids keep using their phones in public instead of playing games? Will parents be tapping away on their phones while missing their kids growing up?

I don’t know about you, but I think a break from technology could be a good change.