Four more apps you should have

Here are four apps you should have in your smartphone, and a must-have weather app.

It is time for another check of some of the best iPhone apps out there, and most of these will be compatible with an Android operating systems as well, just check the Android store. The last time, I told you about ETA, Yummly, Launcher, Genius Scan and probably my favorite app Fantastical. Let’s look at some others.

When it comes to weather apps, you have a lot from which to choose. WeatherBug used to be my favorite (there’s a free and a paid app that strips the ads and adds some functionality). My new favorite is Dark Sky. This little dandy, while having the radar screen and forecast, will alert you (if you choose) when rain will start falling near you. Using GPS, the app creates a forecast given your location and will give you predictions for the next hour. So if you’re planning to walk the dog or go for a walk, it will alert you if rain will be falling soon, and give you an estimate for how long it will rain.

SmartNews is a news app that scans and finds trending news stories based on sources you select. The draw back is your sources are only chosen among those SmartNews has partnered with, but the good news is there are plenty of mainstream sources. This is a quick way to scan and catch up on what’s happening in the world. Sources include: USA Today, Time, TechCrunch, Bleacher Report, Perez Hilton, NBC News and the Associated Press to name a few. One of the reasons I like it is the minimalistic approach the app takes. Give it a try.

Pushbullet is handy app for moving files between your devices. You can send a file from your laptop to your iPhone using Pushbullet. You can send links, photos, messages, maps … just about anything from one device to the other. You can also send the same to other people so long as they have approved you to send them.

Key Ring is an app that allows you to get rid of just about any card you have to carry with a barcode. You can store your AAA card, grocery store loyalty cards, gas cards … all of them within the app by taking a simple picture of the barcode. You can even store your YMCA membership card and just scan your phone at the front of the Y membership desk.