Jess vs. the arts

My husband and I recently enjoyed a trip to Japan, returning after 10 years to the spot we honeymooned (what feels like) so many years ago.

Summer Road Trips: 48 hours in Indianapolis

My first visit may have been work-related, but after two days of exploring the Circle City, you can bet my next will allow for even more time to explore downtown and the distinctive neighborhoods and districts that call it home.

Summer Road Trips: 48 hours in Pittsburgh

My very first trip to Pittsburgh resulted in accidentally accessing a bus-only route. After 20 minutes of traffic desolation on par with the apocalypse, a confounded but helpful police officer finally set us on the right path toward our destination.

Summer Road Trips: 48 hours in Cleveland

Mistake on the Lake no more, Cleveland has become a destination for foodies, entrepreneurs and the king of the NBA, looking to extend his reign as we go to print with this issue (fingers crossed).

Day in the Life: Jill Pavia, travel agent

On any given day, Jill Pavia could travel around the world, visiting North or South America, Europe, even China. Owner of Dr. Trips Travel, Pavia is a specialist in Mexico, Punta Cana, and many Caribbean destinations.

Staycations: Cleveland

When it comes to getting away, Northeast Ohioans are reluctant to look toward Cleveland. Been there, done that. And that may be true for some parts of the city, but not downtown. With its revitalization efforts in full swing, downtown Cleveland is constantly changing and growing.

Staycations: Gervasi Villas

Ready to take off for a weekend of luxury, but your schedule won’t allow for a long trip? Fear not. Luxury is only a few miles away. From its long winding driveway to its wine tours, Gervasi Vineyard is one such place to take a staycation.

Staycations: Amish Country

Looking for a relaxing getaway without driving far away? There’s plenty to see and do in Amish country. One recommended overnight destination in the heart of things is Carlisle Inn at Sugarcreek.