In the Biz

The Next Chapter: Bookstore doubles as gathering spot

To enter The Next Chapter bookstore at 310 Fourth Street NW in Canton is to feel instantly comfortable. With its well-worn, original wooden floor and leather furniture, the shop features walls lined with books covering practically every genre that can be written, from history, to theology, to fiction, to children’s literature.

Bird’s Nest Furniture: Eclectic and stylish finds

Walking into the Bird’s Nest Furniture is like stepping into another world. A well-appointed, eclectic and stylish world. The store at 4718 Everhard Road NW specializes in furniture constructed from recycled wood, and reconfigured and rescued materials from India, along with antiques, home décor items and unusual light fixtures.

Little Chicago Clothing Co.: Canton’s Cheerleader

It’s ironic that one of downtown Canton’s biggest cheerleaders grew up in Akron. In 2015, Amy Eibel and her husband, Greg, launched Little Chicago Clothing Co., which features custom-designed screen printed T-shirts that celebrate Canton.

Clary House: A place to relax and renew

It’s clear that Clary House in Massillon has relaxation in mind for its clients. If you need evidence, consider that the spa offers luxury foot soaks in a quiet foot soak lounge.