Ask Todd

Ask Todd About … Google maps

How often does Google update its popular street view maps? This is a great question, and one that should not be confused with Google Maps. Google Maps are updated through a satellite imagery service many mapping companies use.

Ask Todd About … new construction

Q: What is going in where the bank used to be on Cleveland Avenue? A: I am going to assume you mean the old PNC branch bank on Cleveland Avenue and 34th Street NW. Grab yourselves some java beans, folks.

Ask Todd mega section

What is the tallest building in Stark County? You actually could win a lot of bets with this question because most people would say the Chase Tower in downtown Canton, the one with the Canton Club on top of it. And they used to be right.

Ask Todd About … golf

Q: This happens every April. My husband sits in front of the TV and is glued to a golf match called “The Masters.” I don’t get it. Then every Father’s Day, he will use the U.S. Open as an excuse to play and watch golf all weekend. Who invented this game anyway?