September '15

Last Look: Storm clouds

The sky glows behind the Nationwide tent as an ominous front moves through the area, canceling the Friday evening flight of balloons during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Balloon Classic.

Does a kitchen island add value to your home?

Go neutral if you want to sell your home fast,” has long been the well-founded advice of expert real estate brokers. Yet at the same time, they recommend certain standout features to attract the attention of interested buyers.

Clever ways to save on home improvement costs

Home improvement can be a pricy proposition. Whether you are upgrading your master bath to an in-home spa or taking care of a much-needed roof replacement, you are likely to need a good chunk of change.

Treetop hideaway

Joshua Bird and his uncles built a second home for the kids in the family. It’s a treehouse, erected in the backyard of his grandparents’ property on Oakfield Street NE in Osnaburg Township.

Inspired home decor galore

Looking to redecorate or update your home, look no further. These books have you covered. From different ways to design a room to instructions on creative projects, you'll find everything you need.

Garden oasis in the city

Not only does Tom Phillips talk a good game about urban farming, he and his family live it. This year, he transformed nearly every square inch of lawn surrounding his home in northwest Canton into a vegetable and fruit garden, accented by a smattering of perennial flowers.

About 7th Anniversary Party

We celebrated seven years of About at the Canton Club. The party featured hors d’oeuvres, drinks dessert and music by Hey Monea! About 150 guests had a great time celebrating seven years of About.

Elizabeth Aultman Harter Society donor recognition event

The first Elizabeth Aultman Harter Society donor recognition event was held at Gervasi Vineyard in July. The society was established in 2014 to honor donors who have generously made significant contributions to the Aultman Health Foundation since 2009.

In the kitchen with Jeff Hendershot

Jeff Hendershot, the owner/chef at Baker’s Cafe ’33, wasn’t bragging when he told me that on an average Wednesday, he had sold six lobster-tail dinners at $57.95 apiece. Nor was he gloating when he noted that on this Thursday night, he had reservations for parties of 39, 12, 10, 10 and 8.

First Bite: Roasted Sea Bass

Carl Falcone, executive chef at Bender’s Tavern in downtown Canton, has plenty of tricks up his culinary sleeve, but seafood is unquestionably a specialty. A frequent special at the restaurant is his roasted sea bass with hummus and charmoula, a Moroccan marinade for fish.