October '15

Feast of Ideas

TomTod Ideas held its second annual Feast of Ideas gala at the Joseph Saxton Gallery in April. The evening celebrated the ideas of middle-schoolers, including BikeSmart: Stark County’s Bike Share program. The new initiative was inspired by middle-schoolers from TomTod’s summer camp. It was a dynamic evening of stories and giving.


The headlines of a man-made drug gaining popularity in Florida have been bizarre: Fort Lauderdale police arrested a man after he ran down a major thoroughfare wearing only socks and sneakers.


There’s nothing like stripping down to your skivvies so a stranger—with the help of a high-tech machine—can tell you how much fat you have. Welcome to the BOD POD room at Malone University, where a less-than-five-minute test in an egg-shaped chamber will calculate your body composition.

Fitness fads fueling retail sales

Nowadays, fitness is all about “smart,” from the water people drink to the high-tech material they wear to the devices that keep track of their workout progress. Add to that Crossfit, yoga, Warrior Weekends, elliptical machines, cycle houses and marathons, all of which have created specialty markets amounting to billions in retail sales.