October '09

Exclusive spaces

Four local couples opened their homes to About magazine to give readers a glimpse of some great rooms, all of which reflect something about the owners. Matt and Sheri Egnotovich, enjoy relaxing with friends in their lower-level Tuscan wine retreat. Chuck and Judy Scheurer love to entertain in their French kitchen.

Signature Drink Competition winner

The second annual About magazine Signature Drink Competition yielded many enticing entries this year. Five recipes were chosen as finalists. Those drinks were prepared based on the entrant’s directions by a neutral bartender for tasting by a panel of judges.

Fall in love with cupcakes again

Cupcakes, once relegated to school birthday parties and bake sales, have become the darling of the gourmet crowd. Now, Marcie Williams has taken the single-serving treat to a whole new level.

Give style a chance | On the Bookshelf

Live in style. That’s what most of us want to do.We want our style. Maybe we need a little help in developing a style. Perhaps we’re looking for practical tips for remaking our style. Or, it could be that we just like to keep up on style trends. It’s all stylishly presented on these pages.

Tired of corn? Try corn casserole

Corn this late in the season may be tiresome. This recipe definitely extends the eating season. It is best with fresh corn from the cob, but still works well with canned corn.

Kay Flood | In My Own Words

In her book “Becoming Bread,” Gunilla Norris states, “We must share life, share bread with each other. We are each given only so much time. And to make this time matter, in order to really live, we need to give, we need to receive.