November '10

Best seat in the house

Maybe it’s a secluded spot in the corner. Or one that is higher than all the others, so you can see and be seen. Perhaps it’s the spot where something memorable happened — or where someone famous sat.

Looking for a change? | On the bookshelf

Self-improvement is satisfying. But often we don’t know where to start our journey to betterment. These authors provide powerful insight into how successful people go about living their lives.

200 beers on tap at the Lizard

As soon as I crossed the threshold into the Winking Lizard Tavern, I started smiling. Everything about the place, from decor to decibels, shouts, “We’re having fun; come on in and join us.”

10 Questions with Mary Vlahos

Thanksgiving at Mary Vlahos’ home is a blending of the rich ethnic heritage of her extended family. “We’re a very multicultural family,” said Vlahos of North Canton.

Wedding spotlight: Ryan and Maria Davidson

It didn’t take long after Ryan Davidson and Maria Stroia met for the couple to know they had met their soul mate. They met at a backyard barbecue and ended up talking for the entire evening. He sent her flowers the next day, and they went on their first date that same week.