May ’20

Ryan Miller | Books of My Life

Ryan Miller is the owner/operator of Deli Ohio in downtown Canton. Aside from running the restaurant, Ryan enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Lillian and Eleanor, and wife, Ashten. In addition to Deli Ohio, he also owns and redevelops commercial property in Canton and is a co-owner of 405 Wellness. Ryan lives, works and plays in Canton.

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Remember when you were a kid and you got so excited when something would come for you in the mail? As an adult, it’s not quite as much fun to check the mail—Thanks to bills and flyers. But it is exciting if you have a monthly (or quarterly) subscription box waiting for you. Check out all of these fun boxes—from hobbies to food to crafts for the kids.

Food Tour: Side Dishes

Anyone who’s ever eaten at Thatsa Wrapp knows the real star of the meal is the side of chips and dip. Specifically the dip. It reminds me of French onion dip with a ranch packet mixed in. The garlicky, onion flavor is strong, but there’s a nice mix of herbs to balance the whole thing out. It’s also got a more liquid consistency than other chip dips, which makes me tempted to use it as a sauce for my wrap, too. Plus, the chips are thick and crunchy without being too oily.