May '16

Last Look: Fishing at Popple’s

Capturing a favorite pastime of family when visiting their grandparents’ house, The Repository’s own Dave Kovach created this oil painting of his daughter Grace fishing at her grandpa’s pond in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

Havana Nights

Havana Nights was a magical, imaginary trip to 1950s Cuba, complete with island-flaired food, an ice sculpture spectacularly designed to chill tequila shots, cigars to smoke on the terrace, a sizzling band that easily could have played at the Tropicana in the day, enticing auction items, centerpieces of authentic cigar boxes filled with tropical flowers and 200 guests dressed for a night of salsa dancing and intrigue. Beyond being Massillon’s hottest new event, Rotary Club of Massillon’s Havana Nights raised money for scholarships for area high school students.

Glitz and Glitter

Canton Fine Arts Associates sponsored its February luncheon with the program “Glitz and Glitter: Jewelry from the Ohio Presidents’ Wives.” Presented by Mari Halkovich, a vintage jewelry expert, the program featured a history of the jewelry worn by the first ladies from Ohio and was held at the Canton Museum of Art.

Test Kitchen: Apple bread

This bread was easy to make, and it didn’t last long in my apartment. I never had made a bread like this, so I was surprised by the consistency before I put it in the oven.

Meet master sculptor Stephan C. Baity

Some sculptors work with clay, blocks of stone or cast metal. For Stephan C. Baity, it could be a watermelon, a cantaloupe or a 50-pound block of butter, intricately carved into a lovely, if perishable, artwork.

What to watch

Looking for something new to watch? Follow our flowchart to find the best show to stream for your current mood.

Ask Todd About … thawed steaks

Q: Todd, can you settle an argument I am having with my wife? I thawed steaks the other day and thawed too many because two dinner guests did not show up. She said I can’t refreeze the steaks, and I said she’s crazy, I can. Who’s right?

Shop locally

Get on Pinterest and you will see tons of ideas for DIY projects. Whether you want to learn to knit a scarf or make a coffee table from old pallets, you will have lots of tutorials from which to choose. Head over to Facebook, and you will see video after video with the “easiest” recipes for pretty much every food you could think of. Our social media world has been overtaken by do-it-yourselfers who are happy to share their craft.