May '14

Night out in Stark County | Art

Going to dinner for a night out is always nice, but it can become monotonous. Try taking an artistic approach for your next night out. Stark County is full of art-related activities to make an evening much more enjoyable.

Three local authors | Many different stories

Fiction. Historical fact. And the fantasy of playing professional sports turned real. Those are the subjects of recently published books by local authors that illustrate well their wide range of talent.

Red Velvet Party

The Canton Ballet held the Red Velvet Party at the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography. Lindsay Zimmerman was chairman of the event. There were wines and beers, a cash champagne bar, a red velvet martini specialty cocktail and food stations by chef Ken Bucholtz of Brookside Country Club.

Wedding Spotlight: Joshua Thurman and Sherin Francheskan

Joshua and Sherin became friends while working at the Barrel Room together. The other female workers informed Sherin that Joshua had feelings for her more than just minor flirting. She just thought he was a ladies’ man who liked all of the girls. Soon, Sherin realized that her feelings were stronger for him as well.

The Universe According to Brannon Braga

Brannon Braga's resume is looking pretty sharp: show runner, executive producer, Emmy-nominated and Hugo Award-winning writer, and now, director. Impressive titles, even by Hollywood standards.
4.1Taste Test Review

Tapas 218: Dinner to share | Taste Test

You’ve probably heard the buzz. Tapas 218 on Court Avenue NW has arrived with a whole new ethnic style for Stark County diners. Tapas, a Spanish version of appetizers, are at the heart of a cuisine characterized by sharing small plates, socializing and enjoying wine among friends.