July ’14

Splurge: Hot rocks edition

The idea for About’s monthly Splurge column was born from the 3/50 Project, a nationwide movement among local retailers to promote one thing—shopping locally. Each month, Splurge showcases unique products and gifts you can find right here in Stark County, each for about $50.

Latest and greatest tech | Home

“Most new technology is, of course, being driven by the younger generations. Those who have grown up with smartphones and apps expect technology to be easy, ready and always at their fingertips,” explains Joe Race, executive director of the Building Industry Association of Stark County. “These days, you can do a lot of things related to the home with your cellphone.”

Recipe: Jalapeño Cheese Poppers

Beat the heat with more heat. Ever wonder why the world’s spiciest foods come from the world’s hottest climates? It’s all about cool. Spicy food cranks up the body’s most efficient air conditioner, sweat. In torrid latitudes, this is a defense giving meaning to comfort food. So don’t hesitate to serve salsa, curry and spicy peppers on hot summer days.

Ice Cream Showdown | Taste Test

If it’s July, and you haven’t had ice cream at least once this week, you’re falling hopelessly behind. Stark County boasts a plethora of tasty spots to help beat the heat and load up on sinful calories in the process. Here, we tend not to stray far from the classics — unlike Ohio City’s Mason’s Creamery, a food truck turned brick-and-mortar, churning out original recipes such as Vegan Thai Basil (yes, that’s an ice cream) and Vietnamese Coffee.