July ’10

Pieces of History

Historical significance detailed in these 10 Stark County places. We are all historians. Although we live in the present and yearn for the future, we are all enmeshed in the past. Stark County has a rich history — accessible to anyone with a passion for the past.

Turn a page in local history | On the Bookshelf

History is the look at the past that shows us why we live our lives the way we do today. Sports, music, schools, our jobs, the places we visit and the ways we travel to those destinations all are affected by events in years gone by. Two publishers — Gray & Co. and Arcadia Publishing — offer a wealth of volumes that detail the way things were in Stark County. Here are a few favorite titles.

A home for the fairies

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived colonies of wee folk, often referred to as fairies. Their queen was a woman named Fey. She was a strong leader, and yet loved everyone in her kingdom, using her powers to visit all of them every day to make sure they were OK, for they were tiny and delicate and could be hurt easily.