July '09

A holistic approach

Stark County’s only holistic veterinarian explains the difference alternative care can make for animals.

Shopping among friends

Shopping usually is a singular pursuit, not a social outing. But for direct-sales reps, shopping can be very social. They don’t call them home parties for nothing.

Pamper your pet

Newsweek magazine reported in 2007 that Americans spent $41 billion a year on their pets. That amount, the magazine said, was expected to hit $52 billion by this year, according to Packaged Facts, a consumer research company. So what could pets possibly need, besides food, shelter and love? Take a look at these items from some of our local retailers.

Curl up with a good friend | On the Bookshelf

Pets. They are our pals. They are members of our families. We treat them differently. We tell cute stories about them to our friends and relatives. In short, they become a large part of our lives. These books document that place they have in both our hearts and our homes.

Marilyn Putman | In My Own Words

As the youngest of six brothers and sisters, you tend to carve out a niche early on in your life. I was somewhat spoiled — in a good way — with a lot of great role models to look up to and try to emulate.

Goodwill Industries

Every retail store location functions with one main goal in mind — to help support the mission. Programs and services offered in Stark County and nine other counties exist to help individuals improve their quality of life and employment opportunities.