July '08

Strength from within

Abandoned at a convent at just 4 years old, Marilena Piva never even walked down the street until her teen years. Follow her incredible journey and find out how she discovered her strength from within.

Deep in exploration

Explore a cave. Ride a boat. See wolves. Learn some history. Do it all. A unique family adventure awaits in Nittany Lion country at Centre Hall, Pa. That’s where 30 million years of history can be seen entirely by boat — at Penn’s Cave.

Catch up with Ashley Spencer

Life in New York City is “a complete rush,” says Ashley Spencer, the 2003 Jackson High School grad starring on Broadway in “Hairspray.”

Little Miss Broadway

Canton-born girl performs in Disney’s “Mary Poppins” musical. At an age when many children are seeing a play for the first time in their lives, Alexandra Berro acts in them. Last year, the 10-year-old Canton native landed a Broadway role in the current production of Disney’s “Mary Poppins” in New York City.

Outdoor drama is just a short drive away

Love the theater and summer nights? Perhaps you are a fan of outdoor drama and don’t even know it. Well, you’re not in a bad state for it. Turn the page to get a little taste of the outdoor productions Ohio offers.

Perfect picnics

Find out what to pack, where to go and how to make them memorable. The family picnic once was a Sunday staple, with parks filled with blankets and baskets of simple, portable food. These busy days, picnics are less common, but when they happen, families make the most of them.