January '11

On this day, I thee wed …

After dating for just more than seven years, Joel Carney surprised Lauren Cecconi with a last-minute trip to New York City, a place the couple had frequented most summers to watch the U.S. Open.

About Magazine’s Person of the Year

Whether mounted on a quarter horse, playing tennis, speaking to a crowd of fresh-faced entrepreneurial hopefuls, sponsoring civic events, or strategizing new lines of chips, Bob Shearer is a perfectionist.

Weddings by the numbers

The average amount of money spent on a wedding photographer in 2006 was $2,283, plus $1,408 on the videographer, according to a study from The Wedding Report. That can add up to big bucks for the industry.

Wedding spotlight: Mike Streb and Tiffany Harbert

Mike Streb and Tiffany Harbert met as high school freshmen and started dating when they were age 16. Knowing Tiffany’s love of the snow and Christmastime, Mike proposed on Christmas Eve 2008. “On this Christmas Eve, we were opening presents,” Tiffany recalls.

Pathway Caring for Children | Nonprofit spotlight

Pathway Caring for Children began in 1973 as a foster home network to meet the needs of neglected, abused, abandoned and troubled children. Jim Bridges had a dream in the late 1960s to provide a nurturing and learning home environment for children who needed help.

Changes at Canton Chop House

New name, new chef, new menu. The former Big City Chophouse is now the Canton Chop House. Adam Smith has taken over the helm as executive chef and unveiled a completely revamped menu in October.

Searching for inspiration | On the bookshelf

Values. Principles. Courage. Faith. Intellect. Integrity. Such are the words that can be attributed to the subjects of this month’s selection of books. The success of the men and women who write and are written about is inspirational because of the manner in which it was achieved.

Jane Smyth | In My Own Words

Growing up in Canton, I had wonderful examples — my parents and grandparents were very involved in volunteering in our community. Of course, this filtered down to my siblings and myself. We all started volunteering in grade school by helping families in need with food and clothing.