February '13

A creamy twist on a cool night

Days are short, nights are long, and summer seems so distant as to be unreachable. As a momentary break from all the gray and cold, what could be more welcome than a sunny bowl of corn soup?

Wedding Spotlight: Matt and Tana Pflaum

Tana Silla and Matt Pflaum met at Diebold, where Tana works in marketing and Matt works in sales. Their connection didn’t happen through the office though — the timing just never seemed right, Tana said.

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Stock Pile

Reusing and recycling items that can be used in another capacity is what The Stock Pile Reuse Store in Canton is all about. “The Stock Pile is Canton’s best-kept secret, but we don’t want it to be a secret anymore,” said Patrick Gerber, program manager.

Fired up over fresh food

While “farm to fork” has become a buzz phrase in today’s restaurant industry, Kent Welsh is as passionate about the concept as if it were new.