December '16

gARTen of eARThly Delights

The gARTen of eARThly Delights, Canton Museum of Art’s premier fundraiser presented by the Canton HeART Guild, exceeded all expectations. A sold-out crowd celebrated on the rooftop of the Cultural Center with mesmerizing entertainment and decor inspired by the famous Hieronymus Bosch painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Sons of Italy

At the Ben V. Marconi Lodge #1628, Order Sons of Italy in America commemorated its 100th anniversary this year. Even though the group has had several name changes in the last 100 years, it continues to thrive.

Chocolates galore

If you’ve ever purchased Ben Heggy’s chocolates at one of the two Canton stores during the Christmas season, you know firsthand about their popularity. The lines are sometimes out the door.

First Taste: Piled high goodness

A popular item at downtown Canton’s Cultured Coffee & Waffles is the Strawberry Fields Forever. It’s a waffle topped with cheesecake filling, cream cheese icing, fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Hidden Gem: The other hall of fame

Stark County is full of many attractions, some more well-known than others. Gary Brown brings our attention to the less-publicized places. This month: The Greater Canton Amateur Sports Hall of Fame.

Ask Todd About … new construction

Q: What is going in where the bank used to be on Cleveland Avenue? A: I am going to assume you mean the old PNC branch bank on Cleveland Avenue and 34th Street NW. Grab yourselves some java beans, folks.

You don’t always need to declutter to find order

In recent years, organizing and decluttering have become synonymous concepts, but they aren’t really the same thing. Although the two activities go hand in hand, the main purpose of organizing is not necessarily to discard things.

The living-kitchen

A combination of kitchen, as in the room where food is prepared and cooked, and living room, the other name of the family gathering space that was understood long before “great room” and “family room” came into the style lexicon.