December ’14

The best holiday films to turn on right now

Holiday and winter traditions are as diverse as the person who celebrates them. For some, that may involve Chinese food and a trip to the movie theater or family time at home with a stack of DVDs and frosted cookies. These films are the perfect things to get you in the holiday spirit while snow falls softly outside or to enjoy during family celebrations.

Deck the Halls

The About magazine office just got a whole lot merrier! About advertising consultant Molly Ott whipped up a simple yet elegant holiday wreath, complete with a signature “A.” Now you can create your own festive wreath in four easy steps.

All wrapped up

When it comes to gifts, creative packaging goes a long way to enhance the thoughtful present waiting just on the other side of all that paper. Plus, wrapping things up with pizazz will add to the holiday hoopla happening tree-side during the holidays. Let your gifts for loved ones pull double duty this Christmas.