August '09

What’s new in medicine?

The cutting edge. It means to be on the forefront, to take the lead. In the Midwest, we are not always known for being on the cutting edge with the latest fashions or the newest gadgets. But when it comes to medical technology, we’re at the forefront.

It’s not just at the hospitals …

Technology seems to be changing the medical industry at lightning speed. According to, here are some medical devices and technologies that already exist, are under development or are predicted by experts.

Recipe: Taco salad

Looking for something quick and easy to take to your next potluck? This one is a simple hit that goes a long way — a dish that only gets better as you improvise and throw in more of your favorite ingredients.

Plan your shower menu

Preparing to host a bridal shower? We’re always on the lookout for menus that appeal to a range of tastes while introducing some of the more up-to-date flavors and trends of the day.

What’s up doc? | On the Bookshelf

On the pages of these books, we might learn about health trends or study medical technology. But beyond addressing those areas of health that can be researched, the volumes pictured here put a face on a topic about which we all are earnestly interested. These are the stories of the sick, and the tales of those who care for them.

Go alfresco!

Just beyond U.S. Route 30 East, the city skyscape fades into the distance, opening up into rolling hills and a countryside that makes you question whether you are still in Canton.

The Urban League | Nonprofit Spotlight

The Urban League is a civil rights organization that advocates on behalf of blacks and other disadvantaged groups against racial, economic and opportunity discrimination through more than 100 affiliates across the country. It is the oldest and largest community-based organization of its kind in the nation.