Tips and Trends

Wedding Ready: Susie Kays Design

Susan Kurtz inherited gobs of costume jewelry from her two great-aunts when they died. The pieces were gaudy and flashy—and she adored them. Yet, she didn’t exactly know what do with them.

Wedding Ready: Whiskey and Lace Events

Mandi Sponseller started her event design and rental business by renting decorations from her own wedding. And while her business still has a focus on rentals, it also has morphed into event design. Whiskey and Lace Events offers rentals, styling and day-of design, though not just for weddings.

Wedding Ready: Doreen Leaf Designs

Doreen Leaf Designs gives brides a choice between something old and something new. The Hartville bridal salon has 300 dresses in its inventory and also offers restoration of vintage wedding dresses.

Wedding Ready: Unbox the Dress

Unbox the Dress was born after Grace Rojek’s family found her aunt’s wedding dress and didn’t know what to do with it. It was too sentimental to part with. But they knew it likely wouldn’t be worn again and would be forgotten again in a closet.

Wedding Ready: Purple Door Bakery

Zoe Oswalt delivered mail for 14 years before she launched her own bakery selling custom wedding cakes. She had been making wedding cakes for her friends and family while living in Fort Benning, Georgia, where her husband, Ed, a major in the U.S. Army, was stationed.

6 ways to make weddings more fun for introverts

At most weddings, I notice that the guests are often divided: extroverts vs. introverts. The extroverts are on the dance floor or mingling over drinks while everyone else is huddling in the corner or sitting quietly and staring at their phones.

A view from above

Dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding? The sky’s the limit, because drone photography is the next big thing in wedding pictures.

The mane event

Brides are topping off their wedding-day looks with soft and luxurious hairstyles, with embellishments that run the gamut from flower crowns and bohemian braids to chic buns and party ponytails.