Test Kitchen

Bacon cheeseburger garbage bread

When I make food for a party, I usually opt for a dessert or a dip—something that’s quick for me and easy for my friends to eat. I’ve prepared my fair share of homemade queso and cake-mix cookies, so when I found this recipe for bacon cheeseburger garbage bread, I was excited about trying something different.

Test Kitchen: Pineapple barbecue chicken

When it’s summertime, I like my meals to be a little tropical. I know you might not want to turn on your oven in July, but I like this recipe because it’s low-effort. There aren’t many ingredients, you don’t have to chop anything, and you mostly can forget about it once you stick it in the oven.

Summer Snacks

These fun breakfast pops are essentially a frozen smoothie on a stick. Creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, with a subtle sweetness that comes mostly from the fruit itself, they are a playfully cool way to start the day.

Test Kitchen: Chicken & guacamole enchiladas

Happy Cinco de Mayo month! Let’s make enchiladas. I have cooked enchiladas once before (the salsa verde variety, not the red-sauce kind), but I opted for this recipe because it also incorporates guacamole, which is on the short list of my favorite foods.

Test Kitchen: Blueberry pecan pancake bread pudding

My preferred brunch food usually falls in the pancakes/waffles/French toast category, so when I stumbled on a recipe for blueberry pecan pancake bread pudding, I had to try it. The concept is similar to French toast and cinnamon roll casseroles I’ve made before. You prepare your bread element and then soak it in a custard mixture for several hours before baking the whole thing.

Test Kitchen: Homemade pizza

My homemade pizza can’t compete with the beauty of the professionally crafted slices the About staff tried for this issue, but it sure has heart.

Festive appetizers

The holidays are a time to get together with family and friends. And any time there’s a get-together, it’s always better with food. Bring these appetizers to your next holiday shindig, and they’ll be the hit of the party.

Test Kitchen: Dark chocolate & sea salt bars

I love granola bars, energy bars, meal replacement bars, anything of the sort. So this recipe jumped out at me. As usual, something went wrong. It wouldn’t be normal if something didn’t go wrong when I was in the kitchen.