First Bite

First Bite: Zepp’s Pizza

The chicken, bacon and spinach pizza is “a little hidden gem on our menu,” said Jon Zepp, owner of Zepp’s Pizza in North Canton.

First Bite: Charcuterie platter

The charcuterie platter at downtown Massillon’s Gallery 121 is a sweet, spicy and savory accompaniment to cocktails or craft beers, and is large enough to be shared by a group.

First Bite: Roasted Sea Bass

Carl Falcone, executive chef at Bender’s Tavern in downtown Canton, has plenty of tricks up his culinary sleeve, but seafood is unquestionably a specialty. A frequent special at the restaurant is his roasted sea bass with hummus and charmoula, a Moroccan marinade for fish.

First Bite: Grilled Vegetable Risotto

A satisfying vegetarian option that is especially popular in summertime is the Grilled Vegetable Risotto ($14) at 91 Wood Fired Oven in Jackson Township and North Canton.

First Bite: Macaroons

Do your eyes deceive you? At a glance, you may think you’re looking at a run-of-the-mill burger-and-fry basket, but a closer look reveals a sweet chocolate-coconut macaroon in disguise—with sugar cookie french fries and a raspberry dipping sauce ($5) to boot—created by Hazel Artisan Bakery owner and head pastry chef Emily Grable.