Very Fine Arts

Very Fine Artist: Judith Sterling

Much like the jewelry she creates, Judith Sterling’s life as an artist continues to evolve. The 64-year-old East Canton native began as a painter, dedicating about 20 years of her life to the craft before she began to see art in a more three-dimensional form.

Very Fine Artist: Dirk Rozich

Dirk Rozich’s murals don’t just grab your attention—they leap out from their enormous spaces. The North Canton-based artist is one of the area’s most prolific muralists. One of his most notable projects is a commemoration of Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Namath’s brash guarantee that the underdog New York Jets would win Super Bowl III—which they did in 1969.

Very Fine Artist: Ted Lawson

Ted Lawson started out painting with watercolors for a simple reason: He needed a challenge. He’d been doing oil paintings and other artwork since high school.

Very Fine Artist: Heather Haden

Heather Haden purchases the art and designs the exhibitions that are on display at the Massillon Museum. Her day-to-day job includes keeping the gallery in order, checking technology, running reports about temperature and humidity, writing grants and even identifying any bugs that are found in the museum.

Very Fine Artist: Joseph Close

It’s not easy to get Joseph Close on the phone. Especially when he’s working. “As much as I have ideas floating in my head, I get linear on these big scary projects,” he said. “There’s so many moving parts. It’s pretty daunting.”

Scot Phillips | Very Fine Arts | (Arts &) Culture Shock

Like Andy Warhol before him, artist Scot Phillips creates celebrity portraits of silver-screen actresses based on dot-pattern photographs. Unlike Warhol, though, Phillips doesn’t silkscreen his pop-art images. Instead, he painstakingly paints them by hand. Every dot comes from his brush.