2016 Class

Twenty Under 40! | Adam Miller

I have had two pieces of information that was given to me over the years. The first was from my Dad who said, “Go to college and get an education, and it will open up doors.” The other, which my wife will smile about, is to “listen” to what other are saying and asking.

Twenty Under 40! | Stephan Baity

It’s easy to be a critic … and to talk about what is not right and who is wrong or even the latest gossip. Honestly promoting change is hard work and requires you to be selfless instead of selfish. Our gifts and talents have nothing to do with us. They are given to us to strengthen the weak and provide for the needy.

Twenty Under 40! | Ryan Humbert

I grew up in Stark County and all over the general Akron/Canton area. ... What it all boils down to is this: You want to see the people in your community—your neighbors and friends succeed in life and everything it has to offer.

Twenty Under 40! | Angela Palomba

There is nothing like the satisfaction of giving back to the community that you live in. ... There is a personal reward to volunteering, but to me, it is much bigger than that.  It’s about impacting those that may not have the opportunities that I have had.

Twenty Under 40! | Katherine Clark

From an early age, my parents stressed the importance of becoming involved with and providing service to the community. Through my parents’ support, I became involved with 4-H at a young age ...  Years later, as an undergraduate student at Mount Union, I joined the Xi Upsilon chapter of co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. The mentoring I received from the advisors of the chapter and the opportunities afforded to us helped reinforce how much I enjoy working within the community ...

From the chairman

For the ninth year, ystark!, a department of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, and The Repository have partnered to present the Twenty under 40! awards to 20 young professionals who live or work in Stark County and have made significant contributions to this region.

Twenty Under 40! | Matt Savage

One of our core values at Vasco is to be actively involved and charitable in our community. Even if it’s in a small way, I want to support the organizations in our community that make an enormous impact in peoples lives every day.

Twenty Under 40! | Kody Gonzalez

I was taught from a very early age that the most important thing you should strive to accomplish in every part of your life is to leave things better than you found them.

Twenty Under 40! | Neena Sharier

My first mentor Melanie told me that your mental health is like a checkbook, you can only write so many checks before you go bankrupt, without making deposits. It is incredibly important for those of us in helping professions to not forget about taking care of ourselves.

Twenty Under 40! | Whitney Willits-Monroe

I am motivated to better the community by knowing that there is a real need for people to “give back.” In doing so, we help keep our community stay safe, strong and healthy, while enabling its growth for this generation and the next.