Top Docs

Top Docs: Dr. Albert Domingo

Even with the best technology in modern medicine at his fingertips, Dr. Albert Domingo hasn’t forgotten a simple piece of wisdom dispensed by one of his old professors.

Top Docs: Dr. Akbar Shah

If he could do it all over again, Dr. Akbar Shah would still be a cardiologist. “If I could do it 10 times over again, it would be the same,” said the 51-year-old native of Pakistan, one of 18 physicians who make up Cardiovascular Consultants, headquartered in Aultman Hospital.

Top Docs: Dr. David Gormsen

Dr. David L. Gormsen did not grow up wanting to be a doctor. It took a prescient college adviser to set him on a 48-year journey that has been both rewarding and satisfying.

Top Docs: Dr. Ericka Glass Johnson

Dr. Ericka Glass Johnson, an orthopaedic surgeon, relishes putting things back together. Johnson, an orthopaedic traumatologist at Spectrum Orthopaedics, grew up in Tuscarawas County around the family business, Glass Lumber.

Top Docs: General Surgeon

Dr. Steven M. Kelly, a general surgeon, is driven in life by a pair of passions—family and career. “It’s a continuous evolution, trying to balance my work, which I’m very passionate about, with the activities of my kids, for which I’m equally passionate.”

Top Docs: Emergency Department Physician

Ask a doc today about the “ER” and he will correct you. Originally, the ER, or emergency room, at a hospital was literally a kind of room. Most hospitals didn’t have a department for emergency medicine.

Top Docs: NICU Nurse

Some of the babies that staff nurse Corena Albert has cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Aultman Hospital are now old enough to have babies of their own.

Top Docs: Neonatologist

The birthing center at Aultman Hospital is arguably the happiest place in the entire facility. Cuddly, cute newborns enter the world. Parents and relatives share tender moments with babies and one another. Congratulatory handshakes and hugs are the norm.

Top Docs: Oncologist

By the time most patients have reached Dr. Edward Walsh, they already have heard some of the worst news that will hit their ears. You have cancer.