The Money Issue

5 small ways to boost your finances if you’re broke

If saving were easy, we all would be millionaires. But the reality is that for many households, the monthly paycheck is barely enough to cover the bills. If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, there are small steps you can take to stabilize your finances. Here are a few moves that might help:

A Siri for your finances?

Rhoads, a 37-year-old Los Angeles-based sales director for a jewelry line, has an account with Digit, a financial technology company with an algorithm that tracks users’ income and spending patterns. It painlessly spirits small amounts of money out of checking and into a savings account every two or three days.

5 mistakes Americans are making with their money

Americans have a long way to go when it comes to managing money. Americans across the country are struggling to stick with basic and healthy financial habits, such as saving, reducing debt or paying their bills on time. Here are some of the key areas in which Americans may be making costly mistakes:

Saving: The less is more approach

If you're trying to save money, consider embracing the "less is more" mantra. Here are three trendy—though somewhat unusual—ways to help pad your wallet. Added bonus? You'll get a jump-start on spring cleaning, too.

Banking on the future

When it comes to the complex and occasionally confusing world of finance, it’s sometimes best to turn to the experts. Especially when preparing for your future. We chatted with two local gurus to get their expertise on investing and retirement planning. Here’s what we learned.