Summer in Stark: Inside & Out

Summer in Stark: Hobbies

Summer can be sunny and warm, beckoning us outdoors for our recreation. This year has been a little different with the COVID-19 pandemic, however, limiting our outdoor pastimes and keeping us a cooped up inside. Even if we are free to rejoin our open-air recreational groups, there will be rainy days this summer. So, now might a good time to consider taking up an indoor hobby.

Summer in Stark: Outdoor games for the kids

Now that it’s warm, get the kids outside with these five classic games: 1. Scavenger hunts: Make a list of items available outside that the children can collect and bring back to you. Depending on the ages of the children participating, you can be as specific as “a leaf from a maple tree” to as general as “something green.” Set a reasonable time limit for the children to find each item. The first one to collect all the items or the one who has the most items when times expires is the winner.