Host a tea party

If you’re searching for a place to host a child’s tea party—or are looking for a place to buy supplies to hold a party at home—Stark County has plenty of options.

Make a catio

Sitting outside on a patio is one of the most relaxing parts of summer. Hearing your cat meow from inside, begging to come out with you isn’t so relaxing.

Grab a growler to-go

One of the best parts of summer is unwinding with a great beer. Luckily for us, Stark County is blessed with plenty of local brews. And after an afternoon at the brewery, you can grab a growler and take the best of the batch home with you. Here’s a look at three local breweries that let you continue the fun in your own backyard.

Hit the green in your own backyard

Gary Robison, director of golf at Brookside Country Club, believes that a satisfying season of golf each year begins long before any of us get out onto the course in the spring.

Summer playlist

Here’s a bunch of uptempo tunes by artists from Stark County that would be the perfect soundtrack for a party in your own backyard this summer.

Make some sparks

Summer fun in the backyard or campsite is made warm and toasty by building a bonfire. Break out the dogs and marshmallows, gather friends and get to building!

Summer reading list

Two of the best books I’ve read this year touched on matters a little more weighty than Jedis and adult coloring books.