Stark County's 10 Most Influential

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Tim Timken Jr.

Ward J. “Tim” Timken Jr. learned from the example set by his parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. The company’s history—Timken Co. and now additionally TimkenSteel—shows a pattern of giving. There is the impact of creating jobs. There is the philanthropic work.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Mark Samolczyk

Ask Mark Samolczyk to define himself, and he will tell you he is a team player, collaborator, socially and fiscally conservative, thoughtful and community-minded. Ask him to define himself at home, and the answer is much shorter. “A private person.”

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Rev. Walter Moss

On some Caribbean island nation or in an African nation, and more recently on the streets of Canton or Alliance, the Rev. Walter Moss puts forth efforts to uplift mankind. Recently concluding his time with Canton Foursquare Church, Moss is project manager for the Stark County prosecutor’s Community Initiative to Reduce Violence program.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Rick McQueen

The Akron-Canton Airport is poised for big changes, and Rick McQueen is sitting in the pilot’s seat. The airport in Green is nearing the end of one major capital improvement project—the 10-year, $110 million CAK2018 plan that brought with it major changes such as a new terminal, longer runway and expanded security screening area—and is getting ready to embark on an ambitious 20-year Master Plan that comes with even more improvements.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Para Jones

Stark State College opened its downtown Canton well-site training center last summer, drawing international interest in its oil and gas curriculum. The college during 2014 was awarded millions of dollars in state and federal funds to promote workforce development.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Maria Heege

When Maria Heege retires—someday—she wants to live on a boat, making jewelry. Until then, though, she is thoroughly enjoying the career she has chosen, servant leadership, which makes her one of Stark County’s most influential people.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Robb Hankins

When Robb Hankins arrived in Canton from Eugene, Oregon, in 2005, he and his wife, Claudette, drove around downtown and observed the Palace Theatre, a single art gallery called 2nd April, and a few pieces of public artwork.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: Steve Coon

Coon typically is working on 25 to 30 projects, which are made possible by historical tax credits. He believes downtowns are at the start of a renaissance and seeks to “make downtown cool again” with projects such as the Historic Onesto Lofts. Coon said the lofts should be fully booked by the end of this year.

Stark County’s 10 Most Influential: David Baker

Leave it to a man of David Baker’s size to come up with a cookie metaphor. Baker has been in town for less than a year, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s president has helped steer a vision of many into what will become the largest undertaking in Stark County history.