Music Makers

Music Makers: Keith Cross

In the third grade, Keith Cross took up the violin to impress a girl who also played. was going to be the one to get her attention,” he said, laughing. “My mother asked me if I wanted to learn how to play an instrument and I said ‘Yes, the violin!’ ”

Music Makers: Pulse Entertainment

Harrison Zoldan handles the sometimes bizarre requests that touring performers make as part of his job with Pulse Entertainment—a company he founded as a teenager that brings concerts to venues in Canton and elsewhere in the Midwest.

Music Makers: Tom Pylinski

Music is in Tom Pylinski's bones. The principal trombonist for the Canton Symphony Orchestra first picked up the instrument in the fourth grade, following in his brother, also a trombone player’s, footsteps.

Music Makers: White Buffalo Woman

White Buffalo Woman began, as so many bands do, with friends making noise in a basement. Joe Wales had a drum kit in the basement of his family’s funeral home in downtown Minerva, and his friend Adam Murphy would come over with his guitar.