Arts & Culture Shock

Artist Profile: Joe Martino

Joe Martino has a clear definition of his creative identity. “I am a painter, a scientist, a romantic, an expressionist, but most of all, I am an artist,” he said.

Artist Profile: Mandy Altimus Pond

A 5-foot in diameter storm water drainage pipe provided the perfect setting for a photo that’s titled simply “Power.” It’s the work of 32-year-old Mandy Altimus Pond, who has been shooting digital photographic art seriously for the past five years.

Artist Profile: Julie Amabeli

Julie Amabeli’s day job as a financial analyst for Aultman Hospital requires that she be precise. Her love of such detail also can be seen in her artwork.

Artist Profile: Tim Eakin

Tim Eakin wants to show you something you haven’t seen before. His work comes from exploring his own imagination and pulling out “something that’s beautiful, but provokes some kind of thought other than ‘that’s pretty.’ "

Artist Profile: Irene Tobias Rodriguez

A squirrel hanging upside down in a dogwood tree feasting on berries. It’s already an unusual subject for an acrylic painting, but Irene Tobias Rodriguez took things a step further.