Home Tips and Trends

Edible Garden

“Growing your own food allows you to enjoy vine-ripened produce fresh from the garden.” So says a Cooperative Extension Service page for the Master Gardener program at the website for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

DIY garage organization

If your garage is so cluttered you can’t even find your car, make this year the one you finally tame those mountains of mess.

Home Hacks: Hits and misses

In the last few years, everybody’s become a hacker. While some of these “hacks” are detrimental to your home, we have to admit that some tricks actually work, making home maintenance a little simpler and a lot more fun. Read how we rate eight hacks.

The best and brightest

I have found a number of reliable, classic clean-lined light fixtures that work in just about any home. And most of them are readily available with little or no lead time. Here are some of my favorites:

7 Home improvements to tackle as soon as you move in

You’re finally moving into a home of your very own. Home improvement experts often advise that you save major remodels till after you’ve lived in your new house for a while, so you’ll have time to notice all the things you’d like to change. The following improvements should be tackled as soon as you move in.