July '15 Wedding Issue

Wedding pinspiration

We scoured the internet to deliver all our brides-to-be a little “pinspiration.” From the shower to the main event, we’ve got ideas galore for your big day—and these 12 are just a few of our faves. Visit pinterest.com/aboutstark to peruse the full pinboard of wedding ideas!

The ring’s the thing

The classic engagement ring may be a solitaire round-cut diamond, but personal style and celebrity inspiration have shaken up ring trends for 2015. That means we’ll see a little color, vintage inspiration and lots of sparkle.

Wedding spotlights: a look back

Take a look back at the amazing weddings we featured throughout the first half of the year in our “wedding spotlight” section each issue. Here, we take a look at our favorite photos from each spotlight.

Wedding Spotlight: Ben & Brandi Shankel

Ben Shankel and Brandi Burkhart met in high school. They became friends in biology class, and he asked her to go to fall homecoming with him their junior year. They started dating October 7, 2006, and remained a couple through the rest of high school.

Wedding woes: the real cost of nuptials

Getting engaged can be a whirlwind occasion with lots of love, laughter and happy tears. But once the initial euphoria wears off, prepare for the cold dollars-and-cents reality to set in: Weddings cost money. Lots of money.

Destination vows

As any bride knows, planning a wedding is a stressful time. From the cake to the flowers and centerpieces to the venue and music choices, a bride can get overstressed. Maybe getting away is the key to a stress-free wedding.

Love Story: Ryan & Jessica Storch

When you know, you know. Jessica Storch had heard this so many times, but she always questioned it. She didn’t believe that when you find the person you’re meant to spend your life with that you would just know it. That is, until she met Ryan Storch.