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Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi | Speech & Debate

I like Coca-Cola. All past Coca-Cola slogans aside, I like Coke not because “It’s the Real Thing” or because it’s a “Sign of Good Taste.” I don’t really think “Coke Is It” or “Coke Adds Life.”

Disney vs. Pixar | Speech & Debate

Go, ahead: Ask 100 people the “Disney vs. Pixar” question. Most will say Disney, and not because it’s what they grew up watching or because most people can’t name a Pixar movie besides “Toy Story” or “Cars.”

It’s better to be a man or woman | Speech & Debate

So back when this topic was decided, it seemed like it would be much easier to make a case for why it is better to be a woman than a man. Then I got to thinking: Someone (Kelsey) saddled me with the responsibility to write about how it’s better or easier to be a woman in the midst of the largest women’s rights movement in about 100 years.

For or against arranged marriage | Speech & Debate

I have a childhood friend who for years has said she wishes her parents just would arrange a marriage for her because dating and breakups get old fast. She’s joking, but she’s joking in that way that she’s also a little bit serious.