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News, notes & opinions: December 2017

“What would you like for (fill in looming “gift-receiving” day)?” In a typical year, I hear that question three times (Father’s Day, birthday and Christmas) from family members, particularly from my children, because my wife knows asking for such guidance is a lost cause. Hey, a recent present was agreeing to go halvsies on a new stove. Perfection. (The idea and the stove! And the old one went to someone who really needed it.)

News, notes & opinions: May 2017

Have you ever been stalked by a ceiling fan company? It’s terrifying. My wife and I were remodeling our porch, and we needed a ceiling fan. One search online, and all of the Chatty Cathy’s of the world wide web got together and decided that anytime I peeked at a screen, a ceiling fan ad should be there. Every website I visited was populated with ads for them.