News, Notes & Opinions

News, notes & opinions: December 2017

“What would you like for (fill in looming “gift-receiving” day)?” In a typical year, I hear that question three times (Father’s Day, birthday and Christmas) from family members, particularly from my children, because my wife knows asking for such guidance is a lost cause. Hey, a recent present was agreeing to go halvsies on a new stove. Perfection. (The idea and the stove! And the old one went to someone who really needed it.)

News, notes & opinions: November 2017

One of my favorite fatherly duties is going on college visits with my daughter. Later this month, we will head to the University of Pennsylvania, a trip that was timed more for her convenience than mine, but one that coincides with some of the most vibrant fall foliage in any part of the country.

News, notes & opinions: October 2017

I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like. Well, I have, but I drank it anyway. With so much variety available to beer enthusiasts around the area, I often don’t play favorites. Instead, I’ve found that I like to try whatever beer I haven’t tried before.

News, notes & opinions: August 2017

To Chromebook or not to Chromebook? With apologies to Bill Shakespeare, when it comes to technology, more and more Ohio school districts have decided ‘tis nobler to endure the slings and arrows of spending outrageous fortunes than to risk falling behind their peers.

News, notes & opinions: July 2017

They say that if you do something for 21 days, it will become a habit. And once it’s a habit, then your body will come to expect it. I’ve always liked this line of thought. I like the idea that if you can grin and bear a new hardship for three weeks, you can seriously impact your life.

News, notes & opinions: June 2017

Who doesn’t enjoy getting away? A beach vacation, sitting poolside and enjoying a swim-up bar with a sea breeze steady enough to keep the sweat from beading down your face

News, notes & opinions: May 2017

Have you ever been stalked by a ceiling fan company? It’s terrifying. My wife and I were remodeling our porch, and we needed a ceiling fan. One search online, and all of the Chatty Cathy’s of the world wide web got together and decided that anytime I peeked at a screen, a ceiling fan ad should be there. Every website I visited was populated with ads for them.

News, notes & opinions: April 2017

All financial experts agree, the best way to long-term wealth is through collectibles. It works like this: You buy as many “rare” things as you can. Then, in a bunch of years, whoever has the most old things wins all of the money.