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Letter from the Editor: July 2018

A few months ago during one of our weekly library trips, Austin perused the new nonfiction section and brought home “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. For the next few weeks, I was bombarded with all kinds of sleep knowledge, some of which I would rather not have known.

In bloom

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the flowers. This shot of a beautiful succulent was captured at Anthony Petitti Organic Gardens in Nimishillen Township.
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Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi | Speech & Debate

I like Coca-Cola. All past Coca-Cola slogans aside, I like Coke not because “It’s the Real Thing” or because it’s a “Sign of Good Taste.” I don’t really think “Coke Is It” or “Coke Adds Life.”

Letter from the Editor: June 2018

During the summer when I was a kid, my yard served as the neighborhood gathering place. Kickball, softball, volleyball, dodgeball—you name it, we played it. I spent all my waking hours outside soaking up the sun. A dip in the pool, some basketball in the driveway, twirling baton in the yard, riding bikes down the road, catching fireflies at night. I had no time to waste inside.


Ashtyn Huprich and Haley Dejesus-Cole of Perry Township ride the Cliffhanger at the Jackson Community Celebration last summer.