Studio Fit One

Head to Studio Fit One in Jackson Township for bootcamp on a bike. You’ll get fast results with a fun and impact-free workout. Studio Fit One offers the world’s only three-in-one core, cardio and strength fitness in 45 minutes. Enjoy all the great fitness gain without any of the pain. Check out the website to enjoy a one-week free trial.

Summer Montabone gives her local picks

You may recognize Summer Montabone from her days as a professional fitness athlete. The Jackson Township resident not only won the overall National Physique Committee Ohio State Fitness & Figure Championship and the “Tall Class” of the NPC in Texas in 2004, but she also has appeared in national fitness magazines and on DVDs as a model.

Gym Time At Home | Advanced workout

Standing on your right foot with your left foot lifted, bend your right knee and sit your hips back as you lower into a squat and touch both hands to the ground (or as close to the ground as you can). Push through the heel of your right foot and return to standing. Repeat 15 times on the right leg, then switch to your left leg for another 15 repetitions.

My idea of an easy workout

Since these so-called “fun” workouts don’t work for me, I have tried to make my own manageable workouts. I’m not saying they are fun, I’m saying that I manage to do them instead of catching my flix on the couch.