Thatsa Wrapp

Food Tour: Side Dishes

Anyone who’s ever eaten at Thatsa Wrapp knows the real star of the meal is the side of chips and dip. Specifically the dip. It reminds me of French onion dip with a ranch packet mixed in. The garlicky, onion flavor is strong, but there’s a nice mix of herbs to balance the whole thing out. It’s also got a more liquid consistency than other chip dips, which makes me tempted to use it as a sauce for my wrap, too. Plus, the chips are thick and crunchy without being too oily.

Thatsa Wrapp | Behind the Food

Now in his eighth successful year at his often-bustling downtown Canton eatery Thatsa Wrapp, Wagner’s first food venture downtown was a place called A Centre Place in the McKinley Centre that ran for 17 years, from 1992 to 2008, followed by a year at The Stables on 12th Street NW and almost a year at the 356th Fighter Group.

Craft beer picks

The exploding popularity of craft beers has forced many local bar-restaurants and nightspots to widely expand their selection of crafts, including beers from area breweries. We checked in with 10 area spots to find out which area-brewed beers are popular with their customers.

Letter from the Editor: September 2016

You never realize how many of your favorites are the result of someone else’s suggestions. Think of all the things you’ve tried or places you’ve visited because a friend, family member, co-worker or someone you know told you to. Is your favorite restaurant the result of a friend saying, “You just have to try (insert restaurant here) because it has the best (insert type of food here)”?

My Local Faves

The idea of local pride and celebrating local businesses is nothing new, but it seems to have grown in recent years. Or maybe I’m just now realizing how great local businesses are. In honor of this month’s Local Faves issue, I want to focus on my favorites in the food category.