Last Look: Worth the shot

My body’s optimal functioning temperature is between 74 and 80 degrees. With that in mind, it took me some time to contemplate how to get down to the water’s edge in single digit weather to photograph this waterfall in Stadium Park. But once I got close to the ice and water, it was worth the razor-like sting on my face from the spray of the falls to capture a view of frozen nature.

Snow much fun

“Cross-country skiing is great if you live in a small country.” Steven Wright wrote that joke. So it’s safe to say that he doesn’t slip Nordic ski boots on, bind a couple of boards to the bottom of his feet and slide off into the snowy countryside — not even when he knows he’ll reach the border quickly.

Last Look: Squirrel

While foraging for food, a squirrel kept an eye out for competition as he raided a Plain Township bird feeder after a winter ice storm. Eastern gray squirrels consume a variety of foods, such as tree bark, several types of seeds, nuts and some types of fungi.

Last Look: Snow

Never overlook the obvious. For years, I pulled up between The Repository building and the Salvation Army prior to my shift. Parking spots are easily located on the north side of the street, near a single ornamental tree that I never paid much attention to.