How did you meet your spouse or partner? | Contributor Q&A

I met Sandy, my significant other, in kindergarten. We attended a parochial school together. Then we were classmates at a public high school—we even went to the freshman dance together. But, it was a friendship more than an infatuation, and as happens with many high school friendships, it was laid aside at the end of our school days. Sandy attended one college, and I went to another.

Dating Scene: Galentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day may be for lovers, the day before Valentine’s Day is for your gal pals. Known as “Galentine’s Day” by anyone who watches “Parks and Recreation,” the day is meant for leaving husbands, boyfriends and significant others at home and celebrating with the ladies of your life.

Dating Scene: Proper dating etiquette

There is a general school of thought that properly conducting oneself on a date is not something that needs to be “taught.” But an entire cottage industry begs to differ. While you might know that you shouldn’t curse your ex, honk the horn while sitting in the driveway or whip out a stack of bridal magazines on a first date, not everyone does.