Letter from the Editor: December 2018

What if instead of asking for material gifts, we all asked for more experiences together? So often after the holidays, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that’s now cluttering my house. I appreciate the sentiment in every gift I receive. But sometimes, I really don’t need another coffee mug. How many cups of coffee can I drink at once? Not seven, that’s for sure.

News, notes & opinions: December 2017

“What would you like for (fill in looming “gift-receiving” day)?” In a typical year, I hear that question three times (Father’s Day, birthday and Christmas) from family members, particularly from my children, because my wife knows asking for such guidance is a lost cause. Hey, a recent present was agreeing to go halvsies on a new stove. Perfection. (The idea and the stove! And the old one went to someone who really needed it.)

All wrapped up

When it comes to gifts, creative packaging goes a long way to enhance the thoughtful present waiting just on the other side of all that paper. Plus, wrapping things up with pizazz will add to the holiday hoopla happening tree-side during the holidays. Let your gifts for loved ones pull double duty this Christmas.

Let the shopping begin!

December typically leaves many people scrambling to find the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends. The About staff found many unique items perfect for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list. From the pet lover to the foodie, inexpensive gifts to over-the-top, some for the kids or the Stark County enthusiast — we found something for everyone.Happy shopping!