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What was your favorite childhood treat from the ice cream truck? | Contributor Q&A

Just about every time I answered the call of the summer ding-a-ling and ran to the ice cream truck, I bought—OK, Mom purchased—an ice cream bar dipped in a dark and flavorful coating. Cold and refreshing ice cream covered in chocolate—a double treat that in the summer sun you hurried to eat before it ran down the stick onto your knuckles.

Summer Adventures: At the Ice Cream Stand

Some of our favorite seasonal ice cream stands finally have reopened, and we couldn’t be more excited. Looking for a new place to try? We’re here to help: We’ve rounded up some of the best ice cream stands in Stark County. Sorry, ice cream stores—we’re skipping you this month in favor of places where we can order and eat outside. Here are some of our picks.

Pumpkin spice everything

Now that it is October, I feel that it is finally appropriate to eat and drink everything pumpkin. I admit that I didn’t wait till October to try some delicious pumpkin treats. I’m not sure when the pumpkin trend became popular, but it’s still going strong.