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Nichole Cardinale gives her local picks

Nichole Cardinale has been in the promotions and sales business since she was in high school. She was the first business manager for Tallmadge High School’s newspaper, selling ads for the paper that her class created. As a student at the University of Akron, she sold advertising for the university’s student-run radio station, 88.1 WZIP.

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Remember when you were a kid and you got so excited when something would come for you in the mail? As an adult, it’s not quite as much fun to check the mail—Thanks to bills and flyers. But it is exciting if you have a monthly (or quarterly) subscription box waiting for you. Check out all of these fun boxes—from hobbies to food to crafts for the kids.

Food Tour: Beverages

The first time I tried a Bomb Coffee from Cultured Coffee & Waffles, I was intrigued. The fact the ingredients are under wraps makes it a bit more exciting than your average latte. I usually opt for the iced version, but it does come hot, as well. There’s a bit of cinnamon flavor, a hint of spice and a smoothness to it. It’s very tasty and an easy favorite!