Belden Village

Nothing Bundt Cakes | Behind the Food

Retired NFL defensive end Kenny Peterson enjoyed overnight success when he opened a Nothing Bundt Cakes in his hometown a year ago. “It was shocking. It makes me feel good the amount of support that the city has given us,” Peterson said about the instant popularity of his bakery at 4468 Belden Village Street NW in Jackson Township, which is a franchise of a Texas-based company and employs 20 people.

Why we love Stark | Jackson Township

The place to be. Period. Entertainment, housing and public schools are tops in this suburban community. Sure, it’s known for its prime shopping and cramming the most eateries into a square mile that’s known simply as “Belden Village” (or BV to locals), but Jackson Township’s nationally known schools and variety of housing choices also make it a top pick for residents.