Basil Asian Bistro

Jess vs. singing for your supper

I’m not a huge fan of soup, except for tomato, and really only when it’s being delivered on the receiving end of a grilled cheese sandwich. But given the opportunity to cast my vote in a crowd-funding project—designed to select the recipient of much-needed funds from a stable of four worthy, creative and forward-thinking do-good contenders—and there just so happens to be soup on the menu, you can count me in.

Rolling Through Canton | Taste Test

I can remember the first time I ate sushi. It was about a dozen years ago when a friend took me to House of Hunan in Fairlawn. It was there I learned the ropes: navigating tiny dishes with chopsticks, gently stirring wasabi into soy sauce, “cleansing my palate” with small pieces of pickled ginger. Indulging in that first tuna roll changed me forever. It was as if I had been inducted into an elite club.