For most people, vacation days are long gone with the end of summer, but we Cantonians have some premier daycation spots within an hour’s drive time. Getting creative with weekends and the elusive weekday holiday, you can take in a bundle of attractions, all in one day.

For example, drive west to Wooster, and you can fill an entire day with great activities for all—couples, families, solo adventurers. It’s a pretty inclusive town. And don’t let yourself think the fun stuff ends after summer, because it doesn’t.

Moreland Fruit Farm and Farm Market
MorelandFarmMoreland Fruit Farm and Farm Market sits on the edge of Amish Country in southern Wayne County. With roots as an old peach orchard, the farm has been revamped into fields that hold “a little bit of a lot” such as strawberries, tomatoes, root vegetables, peppers and more. The selection has grown, and continues to do so, as customers request new items.

The farm also offers pick-your-own options for blackberries, raspberries, grapes and apples, all depending on the season. This time of year, enjoy the plentiful apple orchard. Some of the apples you can look forward to picking include McIntosh, Cortland, Jonathan, Honeycrisp, Mutsu, Golden Delicious and 12 other varietals.

If you’re not one for farm labor, then visit the marketplace to purchase apple butter, jams, root vegetables and cider. The owners and staff are warm and friendly, and super knowledgeable about the Wooster area if you feel inclined to learn more.

Can’t make it to the farm? Find the Moreland stand at Local Roots, the year-round farmers’ market in downtown Wooster. Moreland is a staple in the market, in addition to its presence at Mount Hope’s produce auction. The blueberries may not be year-round, but this business is.

Secrest Arboretum
ArboretumSpanning 115 acres, Secrest Arboretum sits on the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center land of Ohio State University, Wooster Campus. The arboretum is absolutely breathtaking any season of the year. Winding trails will take you through walls of greenery and gorgeous gardens. You can spend as little or as much time here as your schedule allows, but I recommend seeing the entirety of the grounds.

Make sure to stroll through the Garden of Roses of Legend and Romance, and check out the amphitheater and Frederick Rice home during your visit. Bonus: There are no admission fees, and the grounds are open to the public year-round.

Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery
BrokenRocksRemember that great produce at Moreland Fruit Farm? Well, head into downtown Wooster and experience it firsthand from the local, talented chefs at Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery on E. Liberty Street. The upscale cafe and bakery uses fresh ingredients from various Wooster vendors and farmers, making the food not only delicious, but also a feel-good indulgence.
Known for its delectable selection of breads (the signature loaf is a light, airy sourdough … drool-worthy), Broken Rocks also offers a sizable craft beer and wine selection, traditional entrees, appetizers, sandwiches and pasta. Another local name to look for on the menu is Certified Angus Beef, also located in Wooster, a company that ensures your steak or hamburger is of outstanding quality—in line with the rest of the fare at Broken Rocks. All in all, the restaurant is a wonderful representation of the top-notch products and facilities so close to home for us.

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