Splurge: Jülz by Alan Rodriguez

Not too many retailers would choose downtown Canton as a place to open a business, but Alan Rodriguez—owner of Jülz—said it was his top choice when he opened the store in 2007.

Not too many retailers would choose downtown Canton as a place to open a business, but Alan Rodriguez—owner of Jülz—said it was his top choice when he opened the store in 2007.

Walk into Jülz, and you’ll have an experience unlike most other jewelry stores can offer. Greeted by the owner himself, you immediately feel welcome, as his office is at the front of the store. After a welcoming “hello” from Rodriguez and his friendly staff, you’ll be offered a cup of cappuccino—which I must say is delicious. Talk about hospitality!

As Rodriguez mentioned, “Our philosophy and our approach is to make each person who walks in feel like they’re our only customer.”

That philosophy of customer service goes into every aspect of business at Jülz. The store is set up to greet customers with a welcoming atmosphere. From the gallery wall featuring local artists’ work to the customer service, Julz wants to fulfill its customers’ purpose for stopping in. Even the selection of jewelry in the store is customized to the clientele.

“We have all of the information available to us. We see what the chain stores are selling. We pay attention to them, but we tailor to fit our customer profile. We think of the type of customers who will buy the pieces,” Rodriguez noted.

The pieces in Jülz are unique, and the variety is substantial. From more affordable pieces to the opposing rather expensive lines, there are many options to choose from. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, Julz offers custom designs—make that award-winning custom designs. And don’t count out these custom works by thinking they have a hefty price tag.

Rodriguez made clear that “with modern manufacturing technology, you can get the benefits of custom design with prices comparable to off the shelf.”

This is just one of the characteristics that makes Jülz stand out from the competition—brick and mortar and online global companies. Other notable characteristics that makes Jülz distinctive are the fact that it is an emotionally driven business with a full-service repair department with a full-service staff able to restore family heirlooms, all in a customer-based environment.

Our favorites from a recent trip to Jülz were this earth-tone pendant containing a natural brown diamond surrounded by bright white diamonds ($9,985), these delightful drop earrings containing chocolate druzy quartz accented with cascading beads of brightly colored tourmaline ($395) and this German-design bracelet in sterling silver containing open links, each with a freeform gold-tone x inside ($500).

Other pieces that caught our eyes were this charcoal-infused sterling silver pendant drop accented with diamonds in a wave design, scattered with rose gold ovals ($1,350) and this custom-design man’s ring that contains a genuine sterling silver Spanish 8-reale cob coin, found among the sunken treasure of the Princess Louisa, a British East India Company merchant ship ($985).

Stop in at Jülz for a better level of service.

As Rodriguez said, “What I love about the romance business is all about making people happy. It’s happy times people are celebrating. I’m the luckiest person to do this and make people happy.”

Julz by Alan Rodriguez, 220 Market Ave. N, Canton, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, 330-455-5555, julzbyalanrodriguez.com