Share & like: Tips to optimize your wedding on social media

Is your wedding trending on Twitter? Social media has changed the way brides and everyone else discover, explore and share the experience.

Is your wedding trending on Twitter? Social media has changed the way brides and everyone else discover, explore and share the experience.

While the wedding industry is rooted in tradition, technology in the form of Pinterest, Instagram,, Facebook and more is redefining weddings, from ring selfies and proposal moments to viral videos of choreographed father-daughter dances.

For all the positive publicity social media brings to the big day, there is a digital downside, though, as it can create unrealistic expectations for the perfect wedding.

“Due to social media, people of all ages have a more intimate look into the lives of their peers, giving a new standard for how we feel we should be living our lives to the fullest,” said Sophie Pyle, founder, Tweet the Bride, a wedding social media company based in Washington, D.C. “Today, a wedding is seen by hundreds or even thousands of people who weren’t present at the actual wedding. This certainly has set the bar high for couples who may feel pressure to keep up with what is seen at the weddings of their friends.”

Creating a story

If you want your wedding to go viral, you’ll need to embrace social media.

“Share the venue Wi-Fi password, set up a charging station with dongles for popular phones, and have ample signage about your wedding hashtag to remind people to post,” Pyle said. “Sharing a hashtag early means your wedding feed will be populated with stories from other wedding-related events like the engagement party, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, showers and rehearsal dinner. Some tech-savvy couples have set up projector slideshows so photos from social media with the wedding hashtag display live on the screen at the reception.”

To promote your wedding hashtag, “share it wherever you can! Include it on your save-the-dates, your wedding website, even on the invitation itself. At the reception, have signage and/or include it on your menu. You could also have your DJ or singer announce it as well. The more you remind people and encourage sharing, the more likely you’ll have fun photos to look at the next day,” Pyle said.

Popular platforms

Instagram is an ideal visual platform for sharing the highlights and milestones in your lives.

“A wedding, with its beautiful flowers, hair and makeup, decor and food–not to mention all of its own milestones like cake-cutting and bouquet-throwing–is meant to be Instagrammed from beginning to end,” Pyle said.

Hiring a service to live-tweet your nuptials can keep your wedding trending after it’s over.

“We have been surprised to see that most of the ‘likes’ from the weddings we cover happen the next day. Guests love reliving the day and surfing the hashtag the next day after being in the moment at the real wedding.”

—Melissa Erickson | More Content Now